Christmas in November

I’ve been to WDW at “Christmas” twice.

The first time was 18-24 December and it definitely felt like Christmas. It was a magical trip.

The second time was 12-18 December and it really didn’t feel like Christmas at all, despite the decorations, MVMCP fireworks and parade.

Can you really feel the Christmas spirit in November?

Maybe in the last week of November.
But personally, during the first half, Remembrance Day is where I’m at.
Not that I expect WDW to be festooned with poppies or anything but no, it’s not the Xmas Season yet.

We generally kick off the Christmas season on the day after Thanksgiving (United States). That’s when we’ll put up our own Christmas decorations. Before that, we are still in full-on Thanksgiving/Autumn mode.

Having said that, we live about 1 hour south of the World’s Largest Christmas Store, Bronner’s. We’ve gone in August there. Once you are inside the store, you do kind of pick up the Christmas spirit for a while, singing/humming along with the music playing, etc.

Since we’re going from Nov. 30 through Dec. 10, I expect to feel Christmasy, at least some of the time. Although, there was a year when I was in high school my family went to Florida for the Christmas season and stayed in a condo on the beach in Tampa. Nothing about that trip felt Christmasy!

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If the weather is cool, I might feel it, but I’m just not a Christmas in November person.

Yeah, I think this is definitely an American thing. We pretty much jump right to Thanksgiving/Christmas at the same time, which is the day after Halloween. In some families, it’s traditional to put up your Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving Day, and the day after is the big “Black Friday” holiday sales. I would say, that yes, it feels like Christmas at that time. But if you didn’t feel like Christmas on 12 December, your definitely not going to feel it before then.

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We were there for the switch over two years ago and Elsas freezing the castle. Yes you can feel the spirit. Wish I was there bow1- so cheery! And those calvacades look amazing!


My first Christmas visit to DLR was about a week before Thanksgiving. I loved it! It felt right and good, but that’s how I always feel there. Last year we went again the Sunday after Thanksgiving plus I snuck in a day trip in early December. I love DLR at Christmas! I haven’t been to WDW at Christmas.

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We loved the frozen castle & Christmas parade when we went the last two years in mid-Nov. Definitely felt the Christmas spirit!

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I really enjoyed the Christmas decorations (and yes, the atmosphere) over Thanksgiving week 3 times. It felt Christmasey to me. Maybe a little early for it, but when we did things like the (unfortunately gone now) Osborne lights it definitely started up the Christmas mood. I especially liked the way they decorated the Harry Potter area in Universal. I think that is a recent thing; we were there last year for Thanksgiving week.