Christmas in Disney

Other then normal park touring, what are some great things to do around Christmas time at Disney ?

Other than the MVMCP we enjoyed the cooler weather and all the decorations. The holiday storytelling at EP WS was fun.

@Grumpy_in_Tejas I hear that ...go Aug every year ....looking forward to less heat...any special decorations we should be on the look out for ?

My favorite was Osborne Lights! Also loved MVMCP, WS storytellers (esp La Befana in Italy!), and touring resorts. There are beautiful decorations everywhere and special snacks and drinks. christmas_tree

We like to take a walk around the campground and see all the decorations that the campers put up. Some of them do an amazing job decorating! Plus you can do the chip and dale campfire.

Always wanted to do wdw at christmas. Family doesnt like the idea. Our anniversary is in dec, so I still have a shot at it. IğŸ’™ğŸŽ„

Touring the resorts to see their decorations is one of my fav things to do during the holidays. GF has a big giant gingerbread house and it smells heavenly in there when that is up. Beach Club and Yacht Club have displays also. Can't remember exactly which at which off the top of my head but one had a gingerbread village and the other has a gingerbread carousel.

I am pretty sure they had a tour last year in one of the parks that toured behind the scenes of the Christmas decorations? Anyone else remember?

I haven't been yet but some people like to be there for the Christmas Parade taping that happens earlier in the season.

I'm looking forward to having our picture taken with Santa. I realize that we can do that anywhere but it just seems much more magical to have it done at WDW. santa


@kellymouse5 when do pictures with Santa start? We will be there week of Thanksgiving.

I am looking forward to the Story tellers in EP and touring the resorts. NDR but Universal had a very nice How the Grinch Stole Christmas show a few years ago. I hope they are doing it again. DD8 loved it.

They start early. We were there end of Oct & beginning of Nov last year and although we didn't take photos with Santa I did see some people lined up to get them. We cam home Nov 12th if that helps at all. I am sure other people will know better.

Thanks! I'm assuming it was in MK. Wondering if those pics would be included in Memory Maker?

I'm assuming that the pictures will show up in your Memory Maker account. At least I'm counting on it! We'll miss the Santa in Epcot because we leave on Nov. 24th and I don't think that he is there that early but there will be one at the MK because of the Christmas parties.

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Yes @SaraLou it was at MK near City Hall last year. I would assume they will show up on MM.

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Will be there 12/12 - 12/19 and am looking forward for our first visit to WDW. Being there at xmas is an added bonus for the magical experience. Doing the party on the 18th. christmas_tree

There are actually quite a few things to do at Christmas, most of them for no extra charge. Epcot has the Storytellers and the Candlelight Processional, the Studios have the Osborne lights (do not miss these), and just the lights and trees are pretty awesome.

We have most of it described here:


We like the Osborne lights at HS, the ginger bread house at GF and the chocolate carousel at BC. Campground loop decorations are worth a trip over to see as well.

Definitely go to fort wilderness! Would rec. a sleigh ride to see the lights!

Visiting the resorts is great and seeing how the Christmas story is told in different countries in Epcot is also a plus, but really I just like staring at the Dream Lights on Cinderella's Castle. I could probably spend about four hours a day just doing that.

We loved being there after Thanksgiving. Low crowds, all the Christmas decorations, just magical! In 2015 we decided to go over Christmas break (eeek!) I know the crowds will be horrible but with DS being in high school it leaves us with fewer options.

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