Christmas Holiday gear

Just looking for ideas of things people wear for the MVMCP to look festive. People do this right ? Ideas for kids and adults. Silly, or basic, any ideas will be helpful to help me get my brain going

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This is what we went with.


Adorable! Those look like something interchangeable for cold nights and warm ones too. Love. Did u get Mickey ears at the park?

Yup! I have had mine since 2007. My sister are newer.

Cute outfits!

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I dont have a pic with me, but we went on Etsy and there are people there who will customize an iron-on for you. Ours was a picture of the castle all decked out for Christmas, with the four of us, with our hair color and styles, glasses, etc, with customized clothes, with mouse ears and we were able to write a caption underneath. I think it was like “2015 Cowan Family Disney Christmas” or something like that. They design the graphic, you buy the iron-ons and print and iron on.

The one for dark fabrics worked great! the “on white fabric” did not work as well. Overall, inexpensive and adorable!

There are lots of these on Etsy, some smaller, some bigger. All Disney!! Have fun!

Thank you!!!

Where did everyone get most of these things? Is etsy a safe site to deal with?

We’re going in early December & will be doing one night at MVMCP. My DD6 has tons of princess dresses, tiaras & other ‘dress up’ items, but my son, almost 4, doesn’t have as much. I made him this pair of Mouse Ears using a glittered top hat Christmas ornament, and I added the Mickey figure (it’s a button!). I think he’s going to like them!



Etsy is very safe to shop through. I have bought many, many items through numerous sellers and have had nothing but stellar experiences.