Christmas Day Tips & Suggestions

We will be at the Contemporary 12/21-12/26 2020. Planning to be at EP 12/24 & MK 12/25. Traveling w/ husband, 18 yr old daughter & 14 year old son.

Any tips or suggestions for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (particularly morning)?

I’ve never been in the parks on ACTUAL Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (actually… I was there in 1993 as a CM!! lol - College Program :)) We’ve travelled to WDW as a family when the kids were little.

I think I’d LOVE to snag a TS meal Christmas Eve somewhere special - and then will try for Liberty Tree Christmas Day (but will mostly likely take anything at all that’s possibly available)

But any tips/suggestions/traditions on what you and your family find works or enjoys - thank you! My kids are used to being home for the holidays… so I want to make this feel special but also have maybe some elements of what they are used to.

Do you decorate your room? Bring stockings from home? What does your Christmas morning look like?

Thank you! I LOVE this group!
I’m a little nervous since SO many things are unknown this year.


Our Christmas Day was a sleep in and lounge around day. We had lunch at Sanaa and supper at Flying Fish. You couldn’t pay me to be in a park on Christmas Day.

We did bring some decorations for our room: tiny tree, garland, etc. it looked quite homey.


We did Christmas 2016 at Bay Lake.

We brought a 3ft tree plus felt decorations and a string of battery powered fairy lights for it in our case. I also brought knee length wool socks and 3-4 small items per person. I couldn’t wrap them because of customs, so I packed some sheets of wrapping paper, sellotape & scissors.

I then bought some Disney candy (chocolate lollipops etc) plus a gift card for everyone at the Contemporary store. We arrived 23rd so did the wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve we did MK with dinner at CP, Christmas Day in Epcot and dinner at Chef Mickey.
For 24th I did a Touring Plan but made it leisurely; lateish breakfast at BOG and we took a break after the earlier parade and resort hopped to GF before returning to MK for dinner and stayed for the fireworks.

For 25th we had breakfast in the villa, opened stockings, got to Epcot around 11:30am. Again had a laid back touring plan (mine always are but this was even more so). Did a few rides, went to Norway, Germany and Italy for the story telling and walked round to France for slushies before getting the boat back to FW and back to BLT late afternoon. After dinner we spent the evening in Top of the World Lounge with the 7 layer cake and one or two (:sunglasses:) Bay Lake Sunset cocktails.


We have not been actually on Christmas Day but have been in December and decorated our rooms - 3 rooms one year because of extended family trip. Another year we were in the Wilderness Cabin and decorated every room (even bathroom) and the deck and the golf cart and the stroller. We drive down so we might go overboard. Light strings, extension cords, paper chains, door wreaths, table size trees.

Oh, another year, besides decorating, we also did our extended family grab bag gift exchange while at Disney because we had family in from several states. Rules were 3 each, must be bought on property and all 3 not to exceed some price I’ve forgotten. Middle grandson earned frowns for buying 3 pens. So lazy. :crazy_face:
Gifts were then put in a BIG bag and we took turns getting gifts from the bag. No stealing but trading is encouraged. So much so, we go out of our way to buy at least gender specific gifts, hoping the wrong gender selects the gift. That year we were at Wilderness Lodge. We had our gift exchange in one of the seating areas overlooking the lobby on maybe the 3rd floor. It was fun and definitely surreal.


These are all really great suggestions - thank you! I’m wondering now if I should switch our Christmas Eve day to MK and Epcot to Christmas Day… but leaning towards keeping it how I have it (Eve at Epcot and Christmas Day at MK) - only because I think my kids will want to be in MK on Christmas Day… the real trick will prob be any ADR’s…

thank you!

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Thank you! Very nice of you-