Christmas at Wilderness Lodge area

At some point during our trip we’d like to head over to Wilderness lodge and check out the Christmas decorations. I also understand the campsites are decorated? Are they lit up so this is a better experience at night? Also, I hear there are horse drawn carriage rides. Is that only at night or during the day as well. Oh also, Geyer point worth a look? How much time will all this take? And is it a relaxing way to spend the afternoon before MVMCP. Originally we had planned DS but I think we’d walk around too much, and I want to save our energy to party hard! Unfortunately we won’t be there a night they have chip and dales campfire.

The Campsites are at Fort Wilderness, not Wilderness Lodge. These resorts are next to each other, and are connected by a walking trail and boat service. The official FtW decorations, and the unofficial guest campsite decorations, are better after dark.

We’re going this December and staying at WL. I’ve heard amazing things about the decorations at WL. May e visit the campsites at Fort Wilderness, then catch a boat to WL. See decorations, watch the geyser, eat at Geyser Point, then take a boat to MK for the party.

The tree in the lobby of WL is truly glorious and worth a visit. The GF is also worth checking out as the Gingerbread House is a spectacle unto itself plus the trees. Those would probably be the top 2 I’ve observed with AKL in 3rd at Xmas…