Christmas at WDW

How long are the holiday decorations and events going after December 25th? We are planning a trip in the week following Christmas as it works better for our schedule but I don’t want to miss all the Christmas magic! Are we going to be too late?

They are up past New Year, but I’m not sure how long for.

This year they were up until the first weekend after NY because of the marathon events going on.

I had expected them to start coming down almost overnight of 1st or 2nd of Jan. I don’t know if it was because of the timing of NY this time around. I certainly wouldn’t bank on it though.

I’ve “heard” that they start to come down after the first weekend after New Year; If NY is on a Sunday, they will be up until the 7th or 8th, but if it’s on a Friday, they might only be up until the 3rd or 4th.

You will be fine the week after Christmas, but I will say, it’s crowded!!! We went Friday of that week and it was CRAZY!!! You can still go the second week and still hear some Christmas music and see decorations but they are winding down on the Christmas-y type shows. I’d say the Christmas magic is dwindling by the second week but the decorations are really up until the end of the month.