Christmas at Disney

Hi! I am planning my first ever Christmas at Disney! Please give me some ideas for not to miss events. Also what do you think of MVMCP? Thanks for the suggestions!

Don’t miss the Osborne Lights at HS. MVMCP is also very good - special shows and parades, and many attractions can be walk-on.

Be prepared for crowds - Christmas is the busiest time at WDW. The Crowd Calendar max of 10 really does not show how much more crowded it is then - a 10 at Christmastime is much more crowded than a 10 any other time of the year.

Some of the resorts dress up for the holidays, too. Grand Floridian is beautiful. I’ve heard great things about the Wilderness Lodge’s decorations, too.

Yes, if you go at Christmas time, take an afternoon/evening to visit the deluxe resorts and check out the Christmas decorations. They all have really well done decorations.

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We are planning to go the first week of December, hoping to miss the heaviest of the December crowds. We are staying at AOA. How do you tour for the Christmas party?

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OK, the first week in December is low, crowd-wise, so you shouldn’t have any problems there. Bear in mind that a low crowd at WDW is still a crowd, though. :wink:

There are several pre-made TPs for MVMCP on - check them out.

We went last year at the same time, Tate. At AoA and did the Osborne ligjts… They were amazing!!! I also want to see all the resort decorations… AoA does a cute tree and lots of big wreaths! Very cute!! I love Christmas time at Disney… It’s so pretty :slight_smile: have a great trip!!!

The first week of December is our all time favorite time to go. Low crowds. Weather is still usually decent, although you might want to start checking long range forecasts in November. (One year we had to buy sweatshirts/sweaters in the All Star Movies gift shop because the temps dropped into the 40s for a couple of days.)

@brklinck is 100% correct on the “low” crowds. Our second, third and fourth trips (early 2000s), all the first week of December, were incredible. We walked on most things, and with Touring Plans waited less than 10 minutes for everything else. Our last trip, December 2013, was very different. The Touring Plan became much more important. Not only are crowds bigger but FPP is dispersing the crowd across the parks.

We are one of the weirdos that do the party every trip. If the weather is cool to cold, the party is fabulous because the hot chocolate hits the spot. The fireworks are very good, as is the parade. (both much better than the regular version but not as good as the Halloween party).

Last year, we did one day to visit every resort and theme park Christmas tree. Our time was a little over 15 hours. You could try to break our record…

That sounds like fun! However I don’t think my DDs would be up for that! I do plan to visit GF and WL for their trees!