Chosen parks look ok?

Just trying to get somewhat of a rough draft going for our November trip. We’ll be there for 19 days. Our APs expire Friday, 11/29, so I’m hoping we’ll do some after hours events and MVMCP for those last few days in which we don’t have tickets.

Our boys will be 2 and 5.

We’re avoiding EMH as I found it too hard to get them ready and going so early, plus with such a long trip we’re going to just aim for 4-5 hours in the parks each morning.

I’ve tried to avoid MK on Saturdays and follow that type of standard advice. :slight_smile:

Link to current plans:

Can’t really go wrong when you have that many days!! But…how much do your boys know about Disney World? If they are familiar, it might be tough to wait until day 5 to do MK. If it were me, and my kids, I’d probably swap days 2 and 5.

I think there’s something to be said too about a buildup to MK. Since day 2 is a likely EMH, I can see why ahe waited until day 5.

Yes, I was just avoiding the morning EMH - I don’t think we’d utilize it and would rather be in the lower crowds at Epcot that day.
I think my 5 year old will be too young to notice - he likes Toy Story Land best anyways, LOL.