Choosing Which Day for MK

My family is going to Disney World the week after Thanksgiving. We are buying 3 day Magic Your Way passes and going to MK, Epcot and Animal Kingdom (one each day). We are trying decide which day to go to MK. Is it better to go to MK on a longer day when its 9am-9pm with a crowd number of 4 (and magic after hours 9p-11p which we are not doing) or go on a day open 9a-6p with a crowd number of 1?

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A CL1 day sounds wonderful. I’d probably pick that one unless you 1) want to see the fireworks/HEA show (which is awesome and worth seeing) or 2) need an afternoon break for naps. Otherwise, tour until park close at 6 and then head elsewhere for dinner and you really won’t lose much touring time compared to the 9-9 day.

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t think it matters all that much. I’d opt for the day when the hours are longer so you have more time to enjoy the park, personally. I’ve been on party days where crowds were predicted low and on days where there were extra magic hours and it didn’t feel all that different to me. Do what works for you and I say don’t worry too much about the difference in crowds between a 1 and a 4.

Definitely CL 1 day. CL 1 and CL 4 is a significant difference. You will get through much more much faster and allow you time in the evening to do something else/relax.

Is this a first visit? Are you planning to come back anytime soon? How old are your kids? I think that Happily Ever After is one of (if not the) top evening shows at WDW and if you want an opportunity to do that, you’ll have to go on the longer day.

This is first visit with kids 2, 5 and 7 years old. We do not get to Disney often and this will likely be the only trip until they are teens, if that.