Choosing between Extended Evening Hours and After Hours


I’m going to WDW Feb 23-29 2024 and I’m trying to plan which park(s) for each date.

I have a difficult decision - on Feb 26 Epcot is offering Extended Evening Hours (we’re staying at AK Lodge so we can attend). The same day DHS is offering After Hours (which we don’t mind paying for).

These are the only After Hours and Extended Evening Hours for Epcot/DHS during our trip so I have to pick one.

Any advice - assume the price of After Hours doesn’t matter. Where will we get the most advantage in terms of cutting down on lines?


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I would do the included one and spend the money elsewhere.

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I would do the after hours event. Extended evening hours at Epcot doesn’t end up netting you a lot of extra because everything is so spread out. Plus most of the food is closed and it just doesn’t seem like a lot of time.

Since the price of the event doesn’t matter, I would do that one. There are parts of the park that are almost empty during after hours events whereas extended evening hours can still be pretty busy if the deluxe resorts are full to capacity.


I expect you will get lower lines at HS After Hours so if price doesn’t matter to you, then I would go to the After Hours (instead of the Epcot Extended Evening Hours).

Before my WDW trip in October, I looked into the lines for Remy, FEA and TT. While shorter than during the day, the lines were still 30-45 minutes until about 10:30 pm. For this reason, we decided to skip Extended Evening Hours at Epcot.


Good point about the distances at Epcot. Though, I looked at what’s included in After Hours and was surprised that some of the big tickets like Rise of the Resistance, Millenium Falcon, and Runaway Railway aren’t included.


Good idea to look at the lines during Extended evening, that’s good data. Thanks!


Where did you see this? I’m surprised, especially about MFSR and MMRR.

They might be…but they don’t list them explicitly due to larger waits and/or downtime. Just don’t count on them.

But I would pick DHS After Hours because DHS is the most crowded park of them all as of late…so having an opportunity to have short lines is a win in my book.


I have done both and would do DHS After Hours. Like everyone said, Epcot is huge and you can’t get a ton done. DHS is small and compact.

I went to AH last Feb and our longest wait was 15 min on SDD.


Thanks all! Booking the AH. I haven’t been to WDW in a long time, so I appreciate the advice.