Choosing an exit at EPCOT

I’m trying to do a Touring plan for EPCOT where I leave from the International Gateway (going to Hollywood Studios in the evening). I can choose in Touringplans the entrance, but there is no option for leaving the park from one of them. I can choose the time, but not the exit. How should I go setting it up to about it? Is there a food stand near by that I can set for the rough time we are leaving?

The International Gateway is right next to France. You could try Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie.

I really wouldn’t worry about it too much - if anything, the IG exit will be closer to your last stop anyway. But then again, I am LWD (Lining While Drunk), so my opinion may be suspect.

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Rose and Crown is probably the closes establishment to the IG.