CHOC walk

My family (8 people: 4 adults and 4 kids) has one day planned at DLR. We are trying to decide between Sun Aug 20 and Mon Aug 21. Sunday is the CHOC walk and no early entry (we are staying on property). It looks like some passes are blocked on Sunday but they are sold out on Monday. Does anyone know if the CHOC walk will raise the crowds more than usual? And would it put us behind to miss out on the early entry?

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I honestly have no idea what the CHOC walk is and have no experience with it. :sweat_smile: I have been at DL in late August and it is generally lower crowds as school is starting to resume. I do recall being there last year on a Sunday and it seemed extra crowded compared to the other days we were there — I think even with pass block outs it is a popular day to be there. So I would lean toward Monday, but it’s hard to say.

Make sure you are there early in the morning either day because locals tend to straggle so you can often get more done before 10-11am than the rest of the day combined.

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I would personally want the most out of my on-site visit and to me that means getting the early entry perk. It can help you knock out a few high profile rides that will make the rest of your day more relaxed (as much as it can be if doing just one day). So with this alone I would do Monday.

This is a charity race (I think a 5K?) for the local children’s hospital and it does draw a lot of local/regulars to the parks, especially in those golden morning hours when they hold the event and then the participants stay the day in the parks. So your morning will be busier and have the disadvantage of no early entry & why I would lean toward Monday, especially if it doesn’t matter for the rest of your travel schedule which day you do Disney.

If Sunday does work better for the rest of your travel schedule though, I don’t think the crowds will be so much worse that Monday is clearly the better choice. And while early entry is something I would really want to be there for, it is only 30 minutes and at most you’re getting on 2 headliners or 4 smaller/lesser profile attractions.

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I just saw a social media post about the CHOC walk going forward tomorrow morning. Made me wonder what you decided @tprater. Are you going to be there tomorrow or Monday?

We decided to go both Sunday and Monday. We have ponchos and are hoping for the best!


Awesome — have fun! If anything notable happens, keep us posted!

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