Chip & Dale's Campfire Sing Along

How do I get to the campfire sing along at Ft. Wilderness?

@Armadillo_Alert - I was able to access your post going through the “suggested topic” list. Hmmm…

I can get to it if I search for “campfire”. Can’t get to it from the main page.

I edited the Topic and was able to categorize, but now I can’t change from Disneyland to Disney World. Have tried to re-edit 3 times now and none of them are “sticking”.

And I received a notification that @LaurelStewart had replied to this Topic, but I can’t see her reply on the Topic.

I tried to change the category to WDW, but like you was unsuccessful getting it to stick.

This response I can read. Did you have another response about me receiving notifications because I started the Topic or was that an auto reply?

no, no other response.

OK, thank you @LaurelStewart

Michelle, now that it is categorized, I am able to click on it. :smile:

Glad this one is working nkw. Still can’t access my other uncategorized Topic.

How about now? I think I categorized it.

I mean the un categorized one

This is a super helpful link to bookmark on your phone for transportation options (they also have an app) and here’s the link of the current movie schedule Disney World Outdoor Movie Schedule — Build A Better Mouse Trip that’s usually updated within the first week of each month

Yes, I can see my other uncategorized posts now. I was able to access them and input categories. I am also now able to access @Sorcerers_Apprentice uncategorized post as well without it “freezing” the web page. Thank you!

@Armadillo_Alert - Great news!

Testing the forum on my phone.

I see your post, @Sorcerers_Apprentice

Saying ‘Hi’ from my iPad!

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