Chill Teen Spa

Has anyone used the Chill Spa for teens? Since DD16 won’t be old enough to join DD18 and I in the Rainforest Room we thought we could book a couple of treatments at Chill Spa for her. It looks like they have to be booked onboard.

We were wondering about the mother-daughter massage. Does anyone know if she could do that with her older sister instead of me? Also, when it says she must be accompanied by a parent/guardian what exactly is required there? Do I just have to be somewhere in the spa or do I need to stay right with her? Wondering if I could sneak off to the Rainforest Room while she gets a pedicure! :wink:

Thanks for any help.

Hi @gingerSnaps543222 ! I was scrolling through your trip report from your cruise on the Wish and saw that your teens had facials and massages at the spa. I assume that was at Chill Spa.

Any info on how that worked would be greatly appreciated. :grinning:

We had a concierge room and so I had requested they book this for us when our window open. I was told that I had to wait to book this upon boarding the ship. However, as soon as we boarded the ship and our DisneyCruiseLine App loaded up with our activities I noticed that it had been booked for us by Concierge team I assume. If you are not Concierge my recommendation is to head to the spa as soon as you board or attempt to book thru the app once on board. Their treatments were for embarkation day and were booked for almost right after lunch/boarding so shortly after eating lunch, finding our emergency location and checking that off the list and a little time in our stateroom I took them down and filled out the parental forms and off they went. It was all in the regular Senses Spa area…no special area for teens as far as I could tell. They did not request I remain at the spa during their treatments so I left them there and tried to ride the water rollercoaster LOL. They signed their own receipts (be sure to tell your teen there is already an 18% gratuity. DD’s friend noticed this and didn’t tip extra but my DD did not and gave them an additional 20% on top of that)


Thanks so much! :grin: Any idea if they would let DD18 be the “mother” for a mother-daughter massage?

yeah, they aren’t gonna care about that but not sure about having her sign the other one’s waiver. You might need to be there to do that as the official parent but once they go off to the room they aren’t gonna care who the couple is…

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Also, when it says she must be accompanied by a parent/guardian what exactly is required there? Do I just have to be somewhere in the spa or do I need to stay right with her?

Oh yeah you can sneak off anywhere. They just mean to sign the waiver and then you’re free. I have had other spas literally make me sit in the room, but they did not. The one at WDW Dolphin made me sit in the room with the girls. The Peninsula Hotel in Beijing just made me stay in the spa relaxation room (in a massage chair). But Disney Wish said be free! LOL

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You are the best!! :grin: Thanks for the reassurance. My rule following DD18 has been stressing that if we try to get the mother-daughter massage they won’t let her go with her sister (even if I’m there to sign the waiver). And all of the adult services might be fully booked on boarding day so she wouldn’t get to go.

Also, I believe the pedicures actually take place in the Tangled Salon and not the Senses Spa. I was able to book my hubby a shave in the men’s barbershop on the app easily. DD’s friend asked for a mani/pedi but I couldn’t book it on my phone for her because she wasn’t showing up as eligible since she wasn’t 18. I did not have time to stop by the salon and ask so I’m not exactly sure how that’ll work for you unfortunately. My guess is you’ll have to book that in person directly at the Tangled Salon.

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We’ll be on the Fantasy so I think the salon and spa are in the same location not separated like on the Wish.

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Oh yes, you’re correct!

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I highly doubt these will be completely booked on boarding day. Spa services were one of the things show lots of availability pre/on cruise. Now you want to do a tasting or a brunch at the adults only, those are much harder to get.

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If anyone encounters the same issues, here are some tips. Typically, they require a parent or guardian to be present, but you don’t necessarily have to stay right by your child’s side the whole time. You could check with the spa staff about the specific requirements. As for the massage, it’s worth asking if their older sister can accompany them instead of you. That might be possible. And hey, while they are enjoying their pedicure, you might just have a chance to sneak off to the Rainforest Room and relax a bit yourself! If you’re looking for more beauty and spa options, you can explore