Children's Activity Centers Closing

I am so sad. My sons loved these and we were planning to use them in November this year.

That’s just insane. I guess not as many people use them as one would think. TBPH, we never did because our trips have always been family trips and we didn’t feel right putting them in the childcare centers so we could go off on our own. No judgment on those who do - in fact I wish we were more brave in that way because we haven’t gotten a lot of “just us” time in the world as compared to family time - just not something we have done

We had a long trip last year soon after our anniversary so we took a night for our anniversary dinner without our sons. They loved it so much they wanted to go again.

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I’m super duper bummed about this as well. I also thought they were well attended. I honestly would have thought that people would be more likely to use them now than 10-15 years ago because I think a higher percentage of kids are in daycare today and used to these types of settings.

My biggest disappointment is that the decision was simply to just shutter them, end of story? Didn’t they just re-do Lilo’s Playhouse? Like why wouldn’t they close one or two to increase attendance at the others? Also, why didn’t they advertise more or lower the price? I recently heard that you got a free hour with a meal at Jiko (or something along those lines) and I don’t think that was very well known.

I would normally be a “this is a FAMILY vacation” type of person as well, but had heard so many stories (mostly here) of kids who were begging to go back and didn’t want to leave that I was definitely looking forward to sending my son in a couple of years.

My last thought was perhaps this is a casualty of the challenges of resort to resort transportation at Disney. I would have thought that the Minnie Vans could have sort of alleviated this, but I just don’t think they can scale them the way they need to.


The one at WL has been closed for a while, during construction, so around 2 years. Presumably they didn’t notice much of an increase at others.

I think to be honest, most people who used them either stayed at the resort where the clubs were, or were dining at that resort. It’s the kind of thing that probably wasn’t well known if you were staying at a resort without a club.

It’s the kind of change that only affects a tiny number of guests, even though those guests will be pretty upset/annoyed/bummed.

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When are kids were little we used these kids clubs twice. First one was the Neverland Club at Poly. Kids loved it. We went to V and A. No kids there. A few years later the kids club at GF. Much smaller. V and A again. This time splurged on wine flights. Very generous pours. I was too embarassed to go in and get them. Wife went in while I stayed outside.

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Our kids not are

This is a shame. My daughter wanted to stay at the Sandcastle Club instead of seeing the fireworks. We went to the fireworks and she had fun.

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Anybody heard any news about this? I can’t believe Disney of all people would shut down ALL of its Children’s Activity centres? Maybe they are coming up with alternatives? Does anybody know?

I haven’t heard anything, but I really hope so. My sons loved the two they went to. I’m not too keen about hiring a babysitter we don’t know to be alone with our children.

Exactly, I feel the same way.

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It looks like this may be the new Children’s Activity Center.