Children with allergies

I have heard that Disney can make special arrangements for families with allergies. What do I need to do in order to make request.

When making the reservation, it will ask you for special needs. You can also speak the chef upon arrival.
If ordering quick service, just tell them when you order.

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If you manage to forget to note the allergy on a few reservations (I didn’t always manage to remember when reserving ADRs online as it’s a second page type thing), just mention it when you’re being seated and they will hook you up. Often a chef will stop by to go over the menu or if a buffet to walk your child thru the buffet line personally to let you know what may be an issue and what’s OK. They are good at discussing potential cross-pollination etc. depending on the allergy, severity and your comfort level.

DIS is awesome with allergies - just mention it wherever and they will hook you up. Even getting ice cream at one of the corner parlors on main street they will do a special preparation in the back to be sure there are no issues…

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So correct!!!
I feel more comfortable having my allergic child eat in WDW than anywhere else (outside of home, of course). They are SO accommodating! True of Disney Cruise Line too!

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I agree with others. Disney is by far the most comfortable place for us to travel. We feel very confident eating there. Restaurants now have allergy menus that make ordering easier, but you can also ask to speak to the chef if necessary. It was such a relief to not deal with the food stress that we ended up buying DVC because we know we will keep vacationing there over other places.

I recommend that you email Disney at They’ll send you a nice long list of information, as well as a form that you can fill out if your child is in one of these categories:

  • PKU
  • Metabolic or sensory disorders
  • A single Guest with 4 or more allergies/intolerances

and you will be eating a some Table Service restaurants. The form has a place for each meal reservation so they will know in advance that you will be there and what you need.

Thanks for all the info.

Are you talking about food allergies or other allergies?

Both actually, one child has dust mite allergy as well as food allergy. I had heard they could clean room a little more than normal.

The other answers covered things well - a couple of things I’d add:
First: Our kids’ allergies are to all nuts, so anything I mention applies to those and not other food allergies since we don’t ask about those.

When it comes to cupcakes, we found that there are some locations where they make them on site, and others where they are supplied by outside vendors.

One of our best memories was when we learned that the cupcakes in BOG were made on site which doesn’t cook with nuts, according to the chef. (This was awhile ago, so as always needs a double check when there.) First baked goods our kids ever had while eating out.

Also, at the food court in Caribbean Beach they had a huge chocolate cupcake with no nuts or cross-contamination issues either. Happy days, there.

While one of course still has to do their checking at every location, the chefs at Disney are by far the best we’ve dealt with, and often go out of their way to make something special when their regular items can’t be eaten. Hope you have a great time!

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It can’t hurt to ask them about cleaning the room more for a dust mite allergy. My son and I both have dust mite allergies and I find hotel stays to be difficult. We bring our own pillows with dust mite covers on them whenever possible.

WI have contacted them and they said that I can call 10 days ahead of reservation and request a VIP cleaning for room due to allergies. This will be a great help. Especially since allergy season has kicked off early this year.

That is great to know! I will do the same.