Child turning 3

We arrive on 10/6 and our son turns 3 on 10/7. We bought him park tickets but then other DW moms have told me that he does not need them because he isn’t 3 when we arrive. I have called south west vacations and they say he DOES need park tickets? Can anyone help me?

Disney goes by the age of the child on the day you check in. So you shouldn’t need tickets for him. We are doing this with my soon to be three year old in October as well. I called and triple checked and the CM reassured me that we would be fine. It all goes by the check in date.


Yes, this. ^^^


Agree with @PhotoFGIT

My daughter turned 3 at WDW. She was free the entire time and didn’t count as a 5th person in our party as far as the room limit was concerned. At buffets, she could eat free, too.

So when making ADR do I include him in our party?

Yes, you need to include him for ADRs.

For FPs, he does not need them. He can just go in with you, assuming there’s no height restriction or that he’s tall enough. Otherwise you can do rider switch.

I think we should probably clarify that you are staying on-site? I think the “check-in” grace period will really only work if you are checking into a Disney hotel. Although, unless they ask CMs don’t have much of a way of knowing how old a child is.

Yes on-site

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