Child swap (stroller swap, baby swap, rider swap) with FP+…2016 confirmation?

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Hi all -
Since policies and procedures can change at WDW, I want to check in with anyone who has gone in 2016 and used a FP+ and a child swap (“stroller pass”).

I want to confirm that I can:
-Get FP+ for some members in our party (let’s say for Space Mountain) and FP+ to a different attraction for my littles and me.
-We all show up at SM and the big kids use their FP+ and we are given a stroller pass (paper ticket to return later and use the FP+ line) for 3 people.
-The little kids and I proceed to our tame ride
-The big kids can now use the paper ticket to ride SM again at a time of their choosing.

It used to work this way with the old paper FP before the institution of FP+…but I would love confirmation that it’s STILL TRUE IN 2016.

Thanks so much!

I went the week of April 17th. I did not try Big Thunder because there were reports that everyone had to go through the line and switch off at that time and I did not want yo bring a 20 month old through the line. For ST we went to the FP line and a paper rider swap was given right there. They only checked FPs for the people entering right then. For EE, Space, ToT and RnR, we walked to the FP line, they gave us a lanyard and two went through the FP line while one of us went and did something with the baby. They were given the rider swap as they loaded the attraction.

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We were there April 5th-13th, we did Rider Switch for Star Tours, ToT, Splash and Test Track. For Star Tours we too were handed the paper right away. For the others, we were given a lanyard and only those going on the ride had to tap their Magic Band. And yes, the paper was good for 3 more people to go at a time of their choosing. What I found was amazing was that all the Rider Switch we were given were good up until April 30th. So we could use them on any of our subsequent park days to that park. We are used to DLR where we have to make it back to that ride sometime that same day. We actually weren’t able to use all of our ToT and Star Tours FPPs so I left them at the front desk for a liner friend who was coming into the same resort the same day we were leaving.


Clarifying, when the 3 return to the ride, are their bands scanned at all? We are a group of 12 with 5 kiddos. 2 of the parents in our party are waiting on military discount tickets so I did our FP+ without them. Thinking this might be how I “fix” this on the child swap rides.

No bands for child swap tickets. You could actually give the passes to a friend or a random stranger. You show the ticket at the FP entrance and hand it over at the second scan.

I think it should still work most of the time, there are always exceptions. I went in May and had a FP for BTMRR, brought my mom and DD to the entrance and they issued me a swap pass, without scanning mom’s band and without them going through the line. They went and found a shady spot to wait. I then took my mom’s band (she’s not a fan of fast rides of any kind) and rode again. We only had one MK day and I didn’t get back to ride later, so I passed the swap pass on to another family.
Everyone has a story of someone who denies swap pass for one reason or another (child is tall enough, all need FP, all need to wait) but overall I think it tends to work. Just be prepared for the possibility that it won’t, so if there are people that “have” to ride something, make sure they have FPP for it.