Child Swap March 2021


Can anyone confirm if Child Swap is still an option for a March 2021 trip?
Any feedback on if there is still a separate line for Child Swap and if it will save us any significant time?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve over heard parents talking to CMs about child swap at RotR and SDD. I didn’t hear the outcome but I think it was a done deal.

Yes they are still doing child swap. Most rides are still using the fast pass lanes for this so it seperate lines. This is one of the things that has not changed post covid closures. They still function just as they did before. I would say it does save time because if 2 adults want to ride only 1 will have to wait in standby.


I want to say that ROtR does not do rider switch…but someone else may have to confirm this.

Maybe I all I heard was the ask, I didn’t hear the CM’s reply

It would be awesome if they did…i.may ask when I am there anyway. As it stands i would ride with 1 DD and then my husband would ride with the other DD after. It would be awesome if we both had a chance to ride with both DD at once.

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I hope it works. I honestly just assumed the CM made it work :crazy_face:

Mee too! :blush:

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We did rider swap on RoTR in December and it was no problem. DD7 got really spooked in line, so we went back and talked to the CM at the start of the line. She scanned DH and DD10 and DS12’s magic bands, I went on with DD10 and DS12 whil DH stayed with DD7. Then DH went through fast pass with DD10 and DS12 and rode it. They don’t make the other parent ride alone, so the older two got to ride it twice and they were so chuffed about it


Yay! Awesome. Thanks for that


We are here now and doing rs!


Bumping this thread cause I have a new question for Child Swap:

  1. Do you have to use the Swap pass immediately after party 1 rides, or do you have a time limit?
  2. Can you hold more than one Swap pass at the same time?

Reason I ask is because it would be nice to ride ToT and RnRC (for example) right in a row at rope drop, then use both rider swap passes later when lines have built up.

Some people are reporting in a FB group that they have been asked this week to wait as a whole party in the regular line to do RS. Can anyone confirm or deny? It sounds like others who went a couple of weeks ago did not experience this.

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I just spent 6 days in the park and used RS probably 4 times. In really long lines the child that could not ride had to stay in line until the point where the normal entrance was (where the cast member is and the wait time is posted). At that point the child could leave the line and up to 3 magic bands could be scanned to come back later. The people that came back later could then enter the fast pass line at the normal entrance after the others had ridden.

Jeff_AZ… Sorry…We never attempted to ride the rides later in the day. And we never attempted to hold more than one RS at a time.


Not sure about the time limit question but unless things have changed you can only have one rider switch at a time.

And @ljhealey , I agree with @Scottgamos about the “everyone had to wait in line” answer. You will probably all need to wait until you reach the normal queue entrance because that’s where the CMs are positioned. And that could end up being half the posted wait time.

There is no time limit to use the Rider Swap, but you can only have one at a time. Do you have a 2nd kid that wants to ride twice? If not, Parent A could get the RS on ToT and Parent B could get it on RnRC.

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So let me get this straight:

  1. Family reports to ToT queue. Group A rides, Adult B gets RS, Children wait with Adult B
  2. Family reports to RnRC queue. Group B rides, Adult A gets RS, Children wait with Adult A
  3. Adult B rides ToT
  4. Adult A rides RnRC

So I take it that works?

If so, can anyone ride one of the attractions twice? For example, I think I’m the only one who wants to ride ToT 2x, but I also want to ride RnRC once.

We have three adults in our party. So assume all the same as above except we have “Adult C.” Can Adult C ride ToT with Group A, ride RnRC with Group B, and do ToT Rider Swap with Adult B?


Yes to all of your questions! (3 and 4 could even be swapped if you want.)

3 people total (I think they get kinda flexible with kids) can get the RS. When you show up, they pretty much just ask who will be RETURING and scan those bands. Anyone can then go through the regular line.

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This is awesome news! That will make our Sunset Blvd morning at HS a little less stressful.