Child Swap - Do I need to present the child?

Or can I send them off to the other side of the park to do alternate activities while we collect the child swap passes and then…swap.

When we were there in November, the first two we all went but they didn’t even check for my DH & DD4. After that we split up. My guess is it depends on the CM & the CL. We were there at the slower times of year. Have them stick by and then go to their activity to be safe.

I think the rules say the child has to be there. We always walk up with the child and then the child/adult go to do sontething else.


Can you get a child swap for a child who’s too scared to ride, rather than too short?

According to the policy, yes. But in practice it can be tough.

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No one asked why they weren’t riding. That’s why my DD4 didn’t ride. She was too scared of the roller coasters.

The problem is with the rides like FoP where child is big enought to ride but “too scared” and too young to wait alone so they get a RS, then a few minutes later, kid is brave enough to ride and the family waltz on.


My son HATES water rides, partially b/c of a sensory disorder. He will do water parks no problem, but will refuse in his regular clothing. He is 14, but we do not feel comfortable with him waiting on his own (while he is much better now that he is older, he struggles with impulsiveness due to ADHD). I am fine even if he is with his brother who is 12. He just needs someone with him to check him if he starts getting impulsive. We are going to DLR in July and was trying to figure out if we can get RS. Most of the feedback I got was “no.” So rather than have to explain my situation several times, i decided to create my own RS. I know it is different in WDW, but at DLR i plan on pulling 4 FPs, I will wait with DS 14 and DH will ride with DS12, then we will swap and DH will wait with DS 14 and DS 12 will use his brothers FP to ride again with me.

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Do you have 4 tickets?

We have 4 annual passes.

How long are Child Swap passes good for? Can I come back the next day and cash them in?

I think you only have an hour window, but not 100% sure on that, as we have never actually used it.

Most of them are good for a few days.

However, due to some idiots selling them on eBay etc, those for certain rides have recently been only good for that day. FoP and 7dmt, plus I would think Slinky when TSL opens.

Does it say on the pass or does the CM indicate somehow?

It will say on the pass.

I think I can help you here.
We did the swap twice (on different days) as we booked flight of passage on two days of the week we went.
When I presented my child and he did not meet the height requirements, we received 3 passes that were good until the following day- (day and time were printed on the tickets).
The second time we did child swap (later that week) we again received 3 passes but it only allowed us to use it by the end of the day.
Hope this helps.

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