Child swap and EMH

Does anyone know whether you can get a child swap fast pass during EMH. I would normally not even think about it but the wait during EMH for FOP is showing 24 min and I can’t ask my three toddlers to wait almost an hour while we are taking turns riding it. I was wondering if one of us could ride first thing during EMH and the other go back later in the afternoon with child swap pass. Thanks

Careful putting too much weight on that predicted 24minute wait time. I think most liners are reporting significant lines of 1hr plus for FOP even during EMH. The TP data is not yet reliable due to too few user provided data points (actual wait times). Most important is being at the front of the RD crowd. I can’t imagine why they would not give a RS but I have not personally tried during EMH.

Ok that actually answers further questions I had…I was waiting to make my plans for animal kingdom because the times projected seemed unrealistic, but it moved from 7 to 24 so I thought it was a better reflection. Will wait a little longer on those plans.

I read reports on chat that they were denied RS during EMH, however that was a different ride with no wait. There were a couple of people that reported the same, no RS at EMH. Just a thought.

I thought those reports were because it was before official park opening. pre RD BOG peeps riding 7DMT prior to 9am.

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I got a Rider Swap pass twice at 7DMT during morning EMH. I don’t see why they would be restricted then!

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Yes that’s what I’ve read.

Thank you for the feedback. We are hoping to snag a FP, but if not we will go for EMH and run with bulls.