Child swap and alternative activities for under height kids

I’m planning our first trip to universal with my kids DD 14 (67") DS 11, (60") and DD 7(48"). Dad won’t be able to make this trip so I’m trying to figure how we will handle the big coasters.
Can I baby swap off with my 14 year old? Is that allowed?
On the coasters I’m ok with skipping, RRR and Hulk, what would be the closest attraction for me and my youngest to do while the older kids ride?

Yes child swap is awesome . Let the first staff member know and they will sort it out for you You all go through the queue together(apart from hulk?) then at the loading platform there is a waiting room with water cooler and sometimes a tv playing ride related films. Non riders wait there and then swap when first riders disembark. At age 7 your Dd will be allowed to wait on her own(most rides are under 4 minutes) if you and she are comfortable with that if not the 14 year old swapping is fine. My dnephew10 ( has autism and adhd) waited on his own when my sister took her kids. Staff won’t take responsibility but they are ‘about’ .
My dsid highly rated uni staff and said they all went above and beyond to get best solutions for her and the kids when she was travelling as a single parent.
On my trip we did the teacups type ride next to hulk while others did Hulk exploring Seuss landing might be an option also. For RRR we walked round to ET and did that instead. At 48" most rides are doable from what I can remember. Dd was7 last visit and only missed dr doom, hulk, Dragon and RRR I think.

Awesome. That’s what I needed. I’m worried about motion sickness with all the simulators so I’ll probably skip RRR and Hulk but I don’t want to miss any HP rides. My little one will get to do the queue too. Perfect. Did you need a stroller at all?

We didn’t use a stroller but DH had to carry dd7 at the end of the night at Mk after wishes. Uni is smaller and seems to have less walking than wdw due to the lay out so I would not bother for USF or IOA.

Hola @teamcooyon! A motion sickness warning for HP forbidden journey. I got hopelessly and pathetically sick on that one. I went three times on Hulk so go figure. I was the only one in my party to go through this but I just thought I might warn you.

Yes I’m nervous about FJ. Considering doing it late in the day.

Hope you enjoy it!!