Child’s AP benefits?

If we keep our trip as we now plan to do, I will have my DS11 stay with me for both segments. That would involve 8 park days. The problem is, they are currently only selling up to 7 day tickets for 2020 although up to 10 days for 2021. Have to say I am really kicking myself for not going to guest services to claim the one-day tickets we were offered due to ROTR difficulties in January. We finally ended up getting on and through the ride at the end of the day so I let it go, didn’t want to take advantage. Now I guess my options are to buy him another 1-day ticket, or upgrade him to an annual pass when we get there. Which leads to my question- if my kid has an AP after mine expires, can he still get all the benefits of that? Can we book AP rate rooms and get free park parking on a kids AP? If we made two more trips we would get our money’s worth out of it, but there is no guarantee right now of that happening. Is there any chance if I called that they would just let me upgrade his ticket to 8 days?

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