Child ID Tattoos

Does anyone use these child tattoos with your cell phone number? Thoughts? Which ones?

We used safety tats on our trip last year in April. They stayed on well and kids didn’t have any issues with them on. I placed them rather high up on the arm so they were only visible when kids raised the sleeve of their shirt. My kids have sensitive skin and we had no issues. I believe I found them on Amazon. Just remember to write you number on before you put them on kids. Silly mistake I did the first one time I used them.

As sharpie marker works just as well

I just use a sharpie and write the cell number only.

I ordered Safety Tats with our cell phone numbers preprinted this time. they are great!

Did the safety tattoos stay on for several days or did you need a new one each day?

I’ve actually ordered military-style dog-tags online, and use a short chain (like for a luggage tag, not a necklace) and loop it onto part of the child’s clothing.

The expense is relatively low (I think I paid $8/pair - each tag can be different - including rubber cases/protectors), and they’re reusable as long as the contact info remains the same.