Chief Mickey's

I have been making reservations for ADR’s from February 28th to March 13th 2023. I noticed the Chief Mickeys shows none available 3pm to 9pm each of those days. Is Chief Mickeys closed for those days? I noticed that it said there was construction going on and to expect noise. It didn’t say they were closed but not being able to book any times during this period seems odd. I see they are going back to buffet style February 28th 2023.

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That’s odd since your ADR window should be open now. Maybe try to book over the phone?

Actually it might not be yet, especially if you are off site.

I make it 60 days today to 28th Feb. I bet they just haven’t loaded yet.


Don’t fret. Tusker house and Ohana both opened a few days after my window as well. I signed up for dining alerts through mouse watcher and one morning got a gazillion alerts for both, as I’m assuming they just dropped.

not a big deal looking to book for the 13th of Feb. 6pm. Not able to book for tree more days, but looking at the last 10 days there was nothing available from 3pm to 9pm. Odd.

Just keep looking, maybe set up a reservation finder so you get an alert when they open.

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