Chicken Exits?

HI All, Do Universal rides have chicken exits like all the rides do at WDW? I use these a lot because I get motion sick, and it’s nice to be in line with my kids. TIA!

Yes at most rides you can wait at or near the rider swap area which is inside the ride itself where you get on/off. This saves you from waiting outside in the heat. Staff really friendly and helpful. Hulk is only ride I think that is diff but speak to staff on the day

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Some chicken exits you have to jump over the ride car (mummy and Hulk come to mind… I think…) but all attractions have chicken exits @karenshappy. Please please please get in line with your family and use the chickens. You don’t know how stressful it is to have a family member waiting outside in the blistering heat while you’re in line! It drove me nuts!

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Thank you @quicha and @mumcalsop! :blush:

You might also ask your doctor about motion sickness prevention, if you would actually like to go on the rides. When we go to Universal, I use a prescription Scopolamine patch to prevent motion sickness. It works wonders and allows me to go on everything! It does not make me drowsy like Dramamine does, but does give me dreadful dry mouth so I carry water all the time. I would not be able to do many of the rides there without it.

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Thanks for the tip. I take Bonine on travel days for the airplane, but it makes me SO TIRED.