Chicken Exit for FOP

Does anyone know where it’s located? I’m thinking my youngest will chicken out. Are there two fast pass check points and is it before or after the second tapstile?

Lots of opportunities to change your mind.

I have seen people leave as late as getting on the ride vehicle.

Last January, my 7 y/o went all the way through the preshows and decided she didn’t want to ride it.

They can change their minds in the actual ride room. If they do, they can wait in an area just outside where the CMs hang out while the ride is in progress, If they change their minds again and do want to go, CMs can usually accommodate this by radioing downstairs and letting the CMs there know that there is one less seat available on the next “flight”. :slight_smile: .

Son’s GF chickened out when she got to the point where you get on your avatar. I am not sure of the path off the ride.

My husband did not go on the ride with us. He waited in the hall outside and they even gave him an ipad to watch the ride in progress.

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