Chefs de France food allergy

Has anyone been to Chefs de France recently with a peanut/tree nut allergy? Are there any safe dessert options now other than berries? Five years ago that was the only choice, but I am hoping that there are other options now.

I have a peanut/tree nut allergy. I’m also GF. I had the creme brûlée for dessert at Chefs de France. It was very yummy.

BTW, this was 12/24/2018.

My youngest has a severe nut allergy. We had creme brûlée and a chocolate cake thing a year ago today actually!

I have a reservation to take him in two weeks while we are there, it’s his favorite restaurant. (He likes to practice his French)

That’s awesome! I had been hoping to have the creme brulee last time, but they said it was unsafe due to nut contamination and I had to have berries as the only option. I like berries, but they are disappointing when I was hoping for creme brulee! I am definitely adding that to my schedule. Thanks so much!

If your or someone in your family has anaphylaxis to a food item such as peanuts (which is the case for a few of our kids) then if a restaurant serves anything with that allergen, I would avoid eating there at all. It may be true that they don’t use that ingredient in a particular item…but cross-contamination in the kitchen is a real problem. It is, in my mind, far too risky to chance it even if 99% of the time it will be perfectly safe. I’d rather not end up in the 1%! All it takes is for a bit of residue to be left on a spoon or in a bowl, or a tiny nut fragment that got left behind unnoticed before cooking something supposedly “nut free”.

If your allergy is NOT anaphylaxis, then perhaps the risk is not as concerning. But we don’t risk it.