Chef Mickey's to Fantasyland - how long?

Have an 8:10am breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey’s before a 9am Magic Kingdom opening. What time do you think I could realistically make it to Peter Pan at Fantasyland following breakfast? 9:15? 9:30?

Oh, by the way, our check out is that morning at 11am! :wink: :wink:

You need to plan at least an hour for the breakfast if you want to see the characters (and some would say 90); if the characters are not important to you, there are probably better breakfast choices. The walk itself is about 10 minutes, plus the time it takes for you to get from CM to outside. Bag check is a variable that’s hard to predict (10 min?) then clearing the tapstiles and making your way with the throngs down MS to FL. I would say 9:30 would be a very optimistic best case scenario… And unless you have an FPP, you’ll probably be looking at a 45 min-plus wait for PP between 9:30 and 10:00…


Yikes, maybe I’ll plan for a quicker breakfast.

If getting to the park is your primary priority, a QS breakfast at your resort might be the best solution…


The tradeoff would be Chef Mickey’s breakfast or Peter Pan ride. It’s our last morning of an 8 day trip and the only day Peter Pan will be open (under refurb end of January). I have 3 good fast passes starting at 9:20 - 7D, BTMR, and Splash. Currently no FPP for Peter Pan that morning so would need to do standby with expected 30-60 minute waits starting at 9:30. Given that PP will be under refurb for awhile before I expect waits to be long. Also my only day with Chef M’s booked. And we check out that day.

So it’s a morning of either relaxed long breakfast and my 3 FPP or quick breakfast with Peter Pan crammed in before FPP. I honestly don’t know which my two boys will prefer - who both love Peter Pan movie - but will be the only time period they could ride. Don’t even ask when I plan to check out - 1pm maybe :slight_smile:

Leaning towards cramming in Peter Pan but open to collective wisdom

You have to check out of your room by 11 but what time are planning on really leaving? It doesn’t sound like you are heading to the airport so it’s really not all that hard to drop your luggage at bell services to be held until you are ready to head for home. Do it on the way to CM and then you can relax and not feel so rushed in the park.

If I were forced to choose I would pass on rushing to cram PP in. I would prefer a nice relaxed end to the trip. PP is a classic but IMO easily missable.

Put it in the “reasons we have to go back” column :wink:

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How often do you visit WDW?

I’ve always considered PP missable, but my youngest loves PP and we waited in a line that said an hour to ride it this summer at DLR. Ended up only being 35 minutes.

I do love characters and Chef Mickey’s though.

I don’t know if you’ve been to WDW before or not, but one of the things I was surprised by on our first big visit as a family was how long it takes to get from place to place, regardless of mode of transportation. It took a few trips to sink in, but now we know it takes way longer than you think.

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Oh yes.
Especially with MK.
Something akin to inertia.

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Chef Mickey’s can take a while! Those characters get tied up with some kids sometime but it could be hit or miss depending on where you are seated. And hour and a half there is our norm if we eat there!

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Is there a reason you can’t check out ahead of time and allow yourself time to do PP after Chef Mickey’s? Or do you have a flight to get to? I guess I’m wondering why you can’t do both, and just expect to finish up at PP much later. Also, it sounds like the trade-off isn’t necessary Chef Mickey’s or PP, but PP versus your first FPP ride. Then again, is there a reason you can’t squeeze in PP between your FPP rides, or swap out another of your FPPs that aren’t as important to you?

Good questions. It’s our first WDW trip and our check out morning after 8 days. Staying WL. Will be somewhat hectic that morning because the more I think about it I will likely pack up all the bags and check out hotel around 8am before we head to breakfast or magic kingdom. My FPP right now are 7D 9:20, BTMR 10:20, and Splash 11:20. All are pretty good and I’m not inclined to give them up. Even if I wanted to swap for PP, PP is only showing late night availability for FPP. I am not betting same day FPP for PP will be available around noon. So here are my reasonable options, all with pros/cons, assuming we pack-up, drop bags at bell-hop and checkout by 8am. FYI, MK CL is 9 for Sat 2/2 the day in question.

  1. Keep Chef Mickey’s at 8:10, enjoy somewhat leisurely breakfast and head to MK arriving 9:30-9:45 - hit all three current FPP with maybe a extra ride or two sprinkled in, ride PP close to noon with 60-90minute waits

  2. Keep Chef Mickey’s at 8:10, rush through breakfast to try to get to MK by 9:15ish, ride PP first with 30-45minute waits, then hit three FPP hoping I don’t miss any.

  3. Skip Chef Mickey’s, a quick QS or grab and go breakfast and head earlier to MK by 9ish, ride PP first then hit FPP and a couple of more rides finishing around noon.

Option 3 is likeliest option to hit PP and all three FPP minimizing waits but I have to give up Chef Mickey’s.

I’m leaning towards option 3 because I do think my boys - 5 and7 - will like PP ride (they love the movie). Not as sure they will be into the characters but I don’t know. We do have several other character meals planned beforehand so I should have a good idea by that day - Akershus, Ohana, Artist Point, Cinderella all scheduled.

We have a 2pm at Sanaa booked before we head to the airport. The more I think about the more likely I will cancel as I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle traveling over to AKL on our last day as amazing as AKL lodge might be. I could try and swap Sanaa for a Chef Mickey’s lunch but currently no availability at that time. A relaxing lunch and final swim at WL sounds nice too.

I wasn’t suggesting you get a FPP for PP (although, if one is available, fine). But instead, I mean to actually just wait in Standby for PP so that you can ride it, regardless. If you don’t want to give up your FPP, then that means you could get in line for PP around 11:45ish. If you happen to score a same-day FPP after tapping in at Splash, then all the better.

Of course, I do wonder if essentially ending your day with a last ride on Splash is a good idea. MOST of the time, you don’t get drenched on that ride. But you MIGHT end up quite wet. Food for thought.

BTW, did you pull off Splash, BTMRR, or 7DMT in any previous day? If so, it might be impetus to sacrifice the time slot for a go on PP.

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Given that this is my first trip, it’s hard to know what our preferences will be -e.g., rides vs. character meals and which rides at that. So I’m reluctant to give up any of my FPP at this time. And I’m probably trying to do too much given that it’s my first trip. I won’t know until we get there and experience it.

Fair point about Splash - but I saved for the very end of MK in case we do get wet we can depart and change out quicker.

I vote #1. Trying to hurry through a character meal is no fun! PPF is fun but not a do or die kind of ride but if when the time comes you want to SB to ride you can.

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I just booked a 1:15 Chef Mickey’s so will likely enjoy the character meal at the end of our MK visit. Not flying out until 6:45pm so should be more relaxing then trying to cram in the morning.


I love AKL and I think you’d be stressed out trying to get there and back with everything else you’re trying to do. I would cancel too.

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That is PERFECT.

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This sounds like a great alteration!

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