Chef Mickey's Dinner vs Minnie's Lunch Hollywood & VIne

I’m trying to decide on a character buffet for our trip at the end of September 2019. My family are very unadventurous eaters - my husband is a meat-and-potatoes guy. He enjoyed the food at Chef Mickey’s in 2017 and would like to go back. I am considering Minnie’s seasonal lunch at Hollywood and Vine instead (they will be dressed in Halloween attire). Can anyone compare the food offerings at H&V with CM? I am not concerned with the atmosphere as both are very loud. Other than LTT on our MK day, this will be our only TS meal (no DDP).
Any thoughts?

I’ve never been to Chef Mickey’s but I have done Minnie’s Seasonal dine during the summer and at Christmas. My understanding of Chef Mickey’s menu would cause me to guess that the food is very similar. Totally fine for those who want basic fare.

Out of the 2, I would choose H&V because of the character costumes. We will be doing this one again this fall so I can get pictures with the Halloween attire.

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For years my son was a chicken and mashed potatoes only eater. H &V was his favorite for the quality of the food.

I’ve done both of these. I keep going back to H&V because I have some weird obsession with meeting Mickey in different costumes. I’ll be back there in May for his springtime look. Plus my husband is hypoglycemic and they will go get him a complementary sugar-free cheesecake from 50’s and he looks forward to that.


Totally different take.
We found H&V to be noisy cafeteria. Very noisy, poor waitstaff, cast member helping with christmas goofy pictures let at least 2 families in front of us because we stayed behind the line to not block it since crowded, and then forgot about the second side! Very short character interaction, and cramped to get 2 kids in pictures Buffet food was not that good or different from anywhere else. Chef Mickey had way better character interactions and food was better. Wait staff was awesome. Child in same area was screaming and disturbing everyone around him, and cast members politely handled situation to find him a less stimulating spot and save dinner for everyone else in that section.
Will never go back to H&V. Way overpriced for the interaction we got, and we did 9 character meals this trip.

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