Chef Mickey or Cape May Cafe

Do you guys prefer Chef Mickey or Cape May Cafe?

Are you thinking about the character breakfast at each? Just curious because Cape May at dinner isn’t a character meal but Chef Mickey’s is.

I think that Cape May is superior in just about every way… except I can’t stand the smell of seafood. So it would have to be Chef Mickey.

Beach Club is my favorite resort, but we have never been to Cape May because of the smell of seafood. Every time we walk by DS holds his nose and gets past it as quickly as possible.

But I hear if you like seafood, it’s excellent! :rofl:


We just did the character breakfast there and didn’t notice a bad smell. Loved the smaller setting and characters, kids loved it.

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Chief Mickey’s is a Buffet. I think it has the best characters to represent Disney. Cape May’s Café is Seafood. If you don’t like Seafood you won’t like Cape May’s. Here in the Midwest we don’t get seafood the way people close to the coast do. Our crab legs are defrosted in water and left to steam in that water taking all the flavor out. At Cape May’s they are steamed in huge steamers and piled high in trays. All you care to eat. They have claims and claim chowder soup to die for. Huge shrimp and corn on the cob plus other things. Chief Mickey’s is good to but it is your typical buffet and no different then the majority of other buffets.

Cape May Breakfast has characters. I was wondering if you guys prefer breakfast at Cape May or Chef’s.

I prefer Cape May because the food is better and it’s not nearly as loud. But there aren’t as many characters so that is something to consider.

Thank you:)

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I really liked the breakfast, less hectic than our other character meals

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