Chef Mickey 7am ADR

We are going to be staying at the Poly and we have a Chef Mickey 7am ADR. What transportation will be available to us to be able to make this ADR on time? Will we have to use a Minnie Van (Lyft) or can will the Momorail be running with enough time for us to make the reservation?

The resort monorail usually starts running at 6:30 to accommodate the early Chef Mickey crowd. I would double check when you’re there though, just to make sure. :slight_smile:

I would not trust that the monorail would be running that early. A little over a year ago when we stayed at the Poly we were planning to take the monorail for EMH at MK (so were a lot of other people) and it was not running yet. This was about 7:15 AM. It could be running but I would definitely plan for a backup plan in case it isn’t.

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