Chef Art's or Steakhouse 71

I currently have reservations on my arrival day for lunch @ Chef Art Smith’s & dinner @ Steakhouse 71 (never been before). Was planning on day 1 being flying into MCO (early flight) & should arrive at the resort around 11-11:30am. Check-in (room will probably not be ready), then take the boat to Disney Springs for some lunch, go to the Disney Character outlet, then head back to the resort, unpack and do a tour of the resort. Am wondering if it’s worth doing both restaurants, do Chef Art’s & cancel Steakhouse 71 & counter service dinner @ Disney Springs or cancel Chef Art’s, do lunch at a counter service at Disney Springs, then dinner at Steakhouse 71. It will be an early night as I’ll be up at 3am.

  • Lunch @ Chef Art’s & dinner @ Steakhouse 71
  • Lunch @ Chef Art’s & dinner counter service @ Disney Springs
  • Lunch @ Disney Springs counter service & dinner @ Steakhouse 71
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Your poll got broken due to the the lack of a new line where it was posted.

I vote for Lunch at Disney Springs (I would do Chicken Guy or Polite Pig) and dinner at Steakhouse 71. I love Steakhouse 71, but it can be hit or miss for some people. Chef Art’s is fantastic, but if you’ve already eaten there, you know what you’d be missing. Now that I’ve been a couple of times I don’t feel it is a must do, as much as I love Southern food.

I would not do both unless you have a ginormous stomach or a whole lot of self control.


Thank you for letting me know that. I think I fixed it.

No big stomach, I’m usually one main meal a day and the other is lighter. Not a big breakfast eater, so that’s usually fruit and oatmeal or a protein bar, maybe some plain eggs.

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We would never go back to Steakhouse 71. Well…maybe the lounge to get the sides, which were fantastic. But my New York Strip was almost inedible (I ate literally two bites and left the rest…for which the waitress decided to comp me for my meal). My wife’s filet mignon was dry and tough, and she could only eat not quite half. The staff was great, sides were great…but the main highlight of the meal was some of the worst steak I’ve ever had anywhere!

So…I voted for Chef Art Smith’s and Disney Springs QS. Polite Pig or Chicken Guy, in particular, were great options (way better than Steakhouse 71).

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This is what I mean by “hit or miss for some people.” :blush:

FWIW, I’ve only gone for lunch and the Steak frites (Hanger steak) was perfectly cooked and delicious. The garlic-parmesan waffle fries are addictably good – one of my favorite sides on property. I can’t speak to dinner, not sure what happened when Ryan was there.

Are you going solo or with family?

Personally for arrival day, I would stress about a making it to a lunch ADR in case flight is late or something so would opt for QS option (DS if you/group can handle travel time before eating, at hotel if you need food asap or the pool is too tempting).

We love S71 and have had great food for reasonable cost for the quality. But we have ubered from WL so it’s not as much of a destination in getting there for us. Looks like others have mixed reviews. If the travel from your hotel would make it feel like a letdown if the food wasn’t to your liking, maybe do DS for dinner (after QS lunch at hotel followed by shopping).


Solo trip

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Here are photos of our food from Steakhouse 71.


That side (au gratin potatoes) was amazing. I’d go back JUST for that. (Steak…blech!)

Here was my wife’s:

Again…her side of mac & cheese was super good. I liked my potatoes better…but either was super tasty. The only downside was the portion size was altogether too small!

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I voted for Chef Art’s and then dinner somewhere else…but I could be swayed to Lunch somewhere else and Dinner at Steakhouse 71.

I love them both (my solo meal at Steakhouse 71 was delightful) - but both on the same day is waaayyyy too much food.


Both is too much.

I voted for Homecoming as it’s one of my “never miss if anything all possible” locations. I’m fairness I’ve not been to SH71 yet. But it’s hard for me to imagine anything nudging Homecoming out of the top choice in any contest.


I went to Art Smith’s Homecoming on my last trip and it was fantastic. On a previous trip, we did STK Orlando and the steak was amazing. Haven’t been to Steakhouse 71.

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Proximity wise, Chef Art’s seems like the best choice for a travel day. You can’t go wrong with the food, but to me, it’s a bit heavy for lunch. I would go to SH71 just for the bacon and eggs appetizer alone. But on a travel day, I say go with comfort and convenience.


I voted to do both, but I would not get big entrees at both. Typically apps are my favorite thing. So for Steakhouse 71 I would do exactly as @TheSafetyLady says and get the bacon and eggs for my main dish.

I would also cancel the Steakhouse 71 ADR and plan to eat at the lounge. That gives you more flexibility. Also as a solo diner, I prefer sitting at the bar. You meet interesting people that way!

ETA: I just saw you said “boat to Disney Springs”. Because Steakhouse 71 is a ways away I it by ear. If you have time on your hands in the evening, go. If it would be a lot of work to.go, skip it.