Chef Art Smith's Homecoming Reviews?

Has anyone eaten here yet? How is the overall experience?


I don’t have any personal experience yet but there are a few reviews on the Touring Plans blog

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Cheese, Chicken, and Cocktails: The Best of Art Smith’s Homecoming in Disney Springs

Homecoming Kitchen Review: Delectable Southern Fare at a Fair Price

Here’s one from WDWMagic

I’ve been. Our group tried the fried chicken, catfish, and shrimp/grits. I’d recommend all of them and the drinks were creative and well-executed. A bit of a wait to get a table, but I was with friends and we weren’t in a rush. Overall, an above average dining experience.

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Thank you! We have a limited amount of time open for Disney Springs and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that time with an ADR… but I think I will. I am looking forward to the fried chicken and a signature cocktail or two! :innocent: