Cheeseburger pod at Satuuli

Anybody had the cheeseburger pod? Trying to find out if the toppings are irreversibly included inside (ketchup, pickle, mustard) or on the side.

All reports I’ve seen have said it is all mixed in and there are no customizations allowed on them.

If I remember correctly it is all mixed in. It taste just like a McDonald’s cheeseburger!

Thanks. I’ll be sure to skip then. Too bad, really. They looked fun.

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Yes that will be me out too.

There are no toppings per se, It’s all mixed in together–ground beef, pickles, onion, etc. I thought it was really good. Different, but good.

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Yes - I think the real question is “Can one choose which toppings get mixed into the pod, prior to it being made?”

And it seems the answer is a clear “No!”. So if one hates pickles for example, they are stuck with pickles or ordering something else…

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We had this when we were there this past December, on our Honeymoon. They were interesting and not bad. I wouldn’t be that worried about the toppings being mixed in. I do not like onions on burgers or hot dogs and most other things but with the pods, it was not something that I noticed.

Hope you had as great a time as the first time and were able to bring down your costs a little! I left it to more experienced people to give advice on the dining options, I’ve only experienced a very few of them. Satuli was one and only DH was happy with his meal. But the theming was great.

We did have a great time. We shared the mea here and it was a lot of fun. This was unplanned. We did have many table and signature locations we ate at, Some were incredible, some great, some ok and others not so great. We will be doing a trip report, like we did late year and include lots of pictures of the food, our thougths and include the prices so that we can show the totals and if we were able to save useing the deluxe dining plan this time. We did last time

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Looking forward to reading it! Re Satuli - I think my son regretted not choosing the cheese pod rather than the dried up veggie chips he did choose. Oh well, next time.

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