Checklist/Tips for securing a Boarding Group for RotR

Guest services will always say that just in the rare case that their system gets overloaded. At least 2 should try.

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@MandaPanda24, I second this. You will not have to do any extra steps to exclude the 2yo. We went in Sept and did not have any issues with this.


Great tips! Sharing the tips we received from a cast member in the line for MMRR back in Sept. Some may contradict what is known as tried and true tips, but wanted to share what was said and what worked for us. The cast member said

#1: Contrary to popular belief, connect to Disney’s WiFi. DH did test the strength compared to his phone’s cellular data and found this to be true (with where we were standing in the park). DH even found the WiFi stronger INSIDE MMRR, crazy I know! Bottom line, test both WiFi and cellular data.

#2: Have only 1 person in the party try for the boarding group. It was said that if multiple people in your group attempt, it may create a short lag, costing you a BG. Begrudgingly, we did follow this tip.

Following these 2 tips with my phone on the countdown clock with seconds & DH ready with his quick fingers, we nabbed BG 22 for a group of 7. The two kids under 2yo were automatically excluded from the BG.


I have family in the park today and I just tried to get a boarding group for them from home. I have an AP and a park reservation for today also (I was supposed to be there with them). When I went to join, only my name was automatically selected. Am I doing something wrong? Luckily they were quicker on the draw and were able to get BG 36. We’re going as a party of 18 in April and taking the time to select every name (or even just my personal party of 9) will end up shutting me out. Thoughts?

For those of us practicing at home (our trip is in less than 10 days), if you get the “Not so fast” message about not having a park reservation does that mean you were successful?


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Not sure, maybe it has to do with an AP holder. I’m assuming when your family joined, everyone was selected for them?

Yes everyone was selected for them, including me. :woman_shrugging:

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Sounds like you have good family members to rely on for April, and they even have “real” practice! :smile:

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I have four people in my group. Should everyone login to the Disney app using the same account? Or should everyone use their own accounts? Does it matter?

Whatever is easier for you. Same account might make more sense but it should not matter as long as you are all linked together.