Checking on discounts

Hey, we have ressies at ASMU in Oct-Nov for Wine and Dine. I want to check and see if there are any discounts available for our dates. What’s the best way/questions to ask to check? I know you have to be kind of specific. Also willing to change resorts, my preferred is ASMO or POP anyway…Any tips? Thanks!

So the best way to check is to go online to Hover over the “Places to stay” tab and on the right of the drop down that opens you will see “special offers” you can click on “see all special offers” to view all currently available discounts. You will need to review the details of each offer to see if your dates apply.

You can also call to inquire about them.

Currently the only discounts that may be available for your timeframe is a military discount at select resorts.

Stay tuned though. Disney pulled back all discounts for fall, expecting they wouldn’t need them to fill rooms in light of SWGE. But it seems like bookings are much less robust than they thought, and they may be forced to release discounts after all. That being said, I would NOT wait for discounts to be released. I would book if you plan to go anyway, and then watch for discounts and try to modify your booking if they become available.

Or, easiest of all, use a TA to book your trip and leave all that up to them :wink:


This! I must say, the 25% rise in my level of AP combined with very little special offers for rooms definitely kept me from buying another AP and planning a trip for 2020. Kinda feel like they are hitting us from two sides cost wise.