Checking into room 60 days early?

Fast pass day has come and gone and thank you to Touring Plans and the forums for getting my wife and I prepared for our once-in-a-lifetime trip in January with our two sons, daughter-in-law and 1.5 year old granddaughter… or at least as prepared as a couple of Medicare-eligible planning-impaired people can be.
Now I have an email saying I can check into OKW right now at this very moment. I’ve poked around on the forums and found a thread, and, although it took an interesting turn into how guys get locked out of their hotel rooms naked, I didn’t come away with a clear answer:
Is there any advantage, or disadvantage to doing this? I’m used to using my phone to check into a hotel about 24 hours prior to my arrival, but 60 days?
(btw, we do have a room request on tap with Touring Plans, if that’s a factor).
Thanks again to everyone here. My wife and I have spent a lot of fun hours just browsing the forums.


There’s no advantage or disadvantage. During my long 18 month countdown I was tempted to do it many times just to feel like the trip was closer. But I did it at 45 days as after FP day, time seems to drag. It doesn’t matter at all when you do it.

I remember that thread! :laughing:

I agree, there’s no particular advantage. Aside from the satisfaction of the “You’re all set!” message on your MDE page. Does that count?

I suppose after all the D-Day-level planning and strategy, we deserve some validation, so I’ll consider the early check-in. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reassurance.

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It does mean that you will get an alert when your room is ready without having to stop at the desk, which I value because if the room is not ready I just head to a park or some other fun activity and await the Your room is Ready! alert. But you can do the online check in close to arrival to get that, so no particular reason to checkin early. I check in early just to have one less thing to remember to do. To free up time to worry about truly important thing, Like change my plans daily, move around my FPPs in pursuit of perfection, and tweak my ADR times obsessively. :slight_smile:

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I’ve always wondered, if you’re arriving early and you check in online, are you more likely not to get the room you request, because you’ll get whatever is ready?

I don’t think that is an issue – the request seems to override the online. I got precisely the room I requested via T-lines for Wine and Dine race weekend, for what it is worth, and almost always get either what I requested or near it.

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