Checking in when you're not the lead guest

We are 16 days out from our trip to WDW bringing my mom and aunt along with us!

My aunt opted to fly from BOS using airline points she had, and is not on the same flight as the rest of us. She will arrive quite a bit earlier than us, landing around 3pm to our 8pm.

I’m going to guess that our room will not be ready when she arrives as the geolocation will show that I’m not in the catchment area yet. She plans to go directly to Old Key West and, at the very least, leave her bags at bell services but she hopes to be able to go direct to room.

If the room is not ready yet and she has to stop at the desk, will she have trouble checking in? She is not the lead guest on the reservation - that’s me - and her MDE account is one that I created for her and control for a variety of reasons.

Is there anything I should do to alleviate any obstacle to her checking in ahead of us?


My last overnight trip I added DD to the room just a couple days before because she had an early shift and wanted to sleep later. She couldn’t use the app to unlock the door but went to the front desk and was able to acquire “keys” for both of us without me there.

She does have her own MDE though so not sure if that makes a difference.


This is the piece that worries me, and now I kind of wish I’d had her set up an account. We didn’t know at the time that she would arrive so much ahead of us. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Anyone on the reservation can check in. as long as she has the reservation number. She might need some photo ID to match her name.


Nice castle :sunglasses:

Thanks, I can’t remember if it was me or DS who took it.

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I like it cuz I can actually see it’s a castle.

Be interesting to see how things look after the last Wednesday of this month - cataract removal day. :partying_face::wink:


I have had good luck fooling MDE with the FakeMyGPS app. Not sure if you’re interested in that though.

I have an apple and my understanding is that’s an android thing

I have asked about that before for trader sam use

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Oh, fair enough. That may be the case as I do have an Android.

It doesn’t work for Trader Sam’s though unless they have recently been added to MDE? When we were there you had to show up in person. It worked great at Geyser point though!

Maybe it was Geyser I was thinking of.

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Could you log your MDE into her phone before she leaves?

As mentioned, there are reasons I’m controlling the MDE for her LOL

I wouldn’t want to risk it.

I’m told on a DVC FB page that she will need my name as the lead guest and perhaps an ID but since her name is on the reservation they will allow her to check in if the room hasn’t already shown as ready by the time she gets there.

No I get that, but could you login as you on her phone just for that one day so that it sees you in FL?

Oh i see what you’re saying


I’d have to walk her through it by phone since I won’t see her - she lives in beverly and is flying out of boston. but that just might work

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Would you be more comfortable letting your daughter log into your MDE? Her phone will be in the area. Or your Disney Supervisor (@ThorKat )


I think I’m all set now :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


I mean I told you that too …… :face_with_monocle: