Checking in at the Swan

I just booked a really great deal through Priceline Express for a room at the Swan the weekend after next for an impromptu trip. We’ve never stayed here before. I know it says that check-in is at 4 pm, but our flight gets in really early – at 9:30 am. When we get to the resort, do I go to the check-in desk and let them know I’m there? Will they be able to contact me in any way when the room is ready like at a Disney resort or will I just have to come back at 4 if nothing is available when I arrive? Just trying to get all my ducks in a row so I know what to expect. Thanks for the help!

I’m pretty sure you can use the Marriott Bonvoy app for online check-in just like any other Marriott property.

You can request early check-in through the app.

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Just create a Marriott account for free if you don’t already have one, download the app, input the Marriott reservation number from your Priceline transaction into the app, and it should show up.

I just did and I found my reservation, but I don’t see where you can do online check-in…I think I’m going to have to mess around with the app a bit. Thanks for your help!

The app usually prompts me to check in 1-2 days before the arrival date via an alert on my phone. At the time you do the mobile check in, you can input your anticipated arrival, and they usually try their best to accommodate early checkins at most Marriotts I’ve visited. I’m not sure how good the Swan/Dolphin are at honoring early checkins.

eta: I’ve found that a simple call about 24 hours before arrival, with a very kind request for early check-in and maybe even a room upgrade, goes a long way to getting a few things to happen.


They texted me when my room was ready.

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OK, so we’ve now decided that we’re going to go to Magic Kingdom directly from the airport and probably won’t go over to the Swan until the evening, possibly after 9 p.m. It’s not an issue to check in that late at the hotel, right? They don’t care how late you show up? We just got a standard room with no view, so I’m not really worried about the room location.

Some Marriott hotels do care. Some only guarantee a room until 6 which is ridiculous. I’d call and ask.

Just add what time you expect to arrive to your reservation, then they’ll know. Or call the hotel that day. I arrived around 10pm when I stayed a few years ago.

Odd. I stay at Marriott properties around the country nearly as much as at my home (101 nights and counting this year) and never ran into one that requires you to check in by 6:00 (or at all for that matter). They take your card at reservation and charge you if you no show. I’ve checked in at 1:00 AM before. My room was there.

Here’s a tip. Use the Bonvoy app to check in a day or two ahead. There is an option once you are checked in to text the hotel from the app. Text them all your requests. They will make a note on your room. Easy!