Checking FP Options After 3 are Booked

Is there a way on My Disney Experience (or otherwise) to check Fastpass options after you’ve booked 3? We are going to the MK on Thursday 2/9. I have 2 FP booked for my daughter and I in the morning with Seven Dwarves Mine Train at 5:20. My husband can join us at 4:00 with a conference pass (but no ability to do FP since the pass is not in hand). I’m trying to decide whether to do Epcot in the morning with her for EMH and then all go to MK or do the reverse, and give up the 7 Dwarves FP. If I could see what, if anything, else is available that day, it would be very helpful.

Use the Modify option for your 7d fastpass. you can then check availability for other attractions at different times.

My suggestion:
If you and your daughter are early risers, I would do Epcot in the am, take a break mid-day, and book ALL three FP for MK later in the day if that’s where you want to go.

Is the modify option under “View Details” on a specific FP on My Disney I just want to make sure I don’t cancel the a.m. ones, until I see if there are afternoon ones available.

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This will give you a general idea of what is available, but like it says at the top it does not mean you can book it:

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