Checkin process at UOR hotels

So, when we checked into the Surfside Inn back in August 2020, it was still newly after re-opening, and they were trying to limit those coming in. As I recall it (which isn’t saying a lot…my memory is failing), when I checked in, I think it was just me who checked in and got room keys for everyone. But maybe not.

For the May 2023 trip, we are potentially having up to 3 rooms. I’ll have a Family suite with two of my kids. But what I wondered is how is check in handled now. Does everyone who is checking in need to be there in person? Can I just go in and handle it all?

There is no real importance to this, but more just thinking through arrivals and such. (Yes, yes. More than a year out. Can never plan too early!)

Person whose name is on reservation can check in for all rooms and get all keys, so you should be able to go in and handle it all without others present.

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I see. So…in practice, this would probably mean my DS and DIL would still end up having to check in themselves (or at least, one of them would). I don’t think my name could be on their reservation in that case. Put another way, I don’t know that even if I charge all the rooms to my name, that doesn’t mean my name is on the reservation…their names would have to be instead.

Regardless, I think that answers my question. Thanks!

I booked two rooms at HRH in May 2021 and both reservations were in my name (though I was not listed as a guest in both, obviously). When I checked in online the day before arrival, that is when I confirmed the names of the individuals (one person wasn’t on the reservation when I initially booked it). I was able to get all keys for both rooms. Also note the below:

Oh, okay. Interesting. When I was trying to book a room, it didn’t even give me the option of “Guest 1”. I put in my contact information, which was presume to be Guest 1 I guess, then it asked me the names of Guests 2, 3, 4. Of course, at this point I was only trying a single room. Maybe if I had a second room, it would have asked for the guest 1 name?

I can’t remember how it worked, but I think I booked both rooms at the same time so I think it presumed that I was not a guest in the second room. But my name was on the reservation. I just checked my confirmation emails and both rooms are addressed to “Guest: Jeff Smith.”

Okay. Thanks! That’s helpful.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear. By “name on the reservation” I meant the person who booked the rooms and is showing ID and credit card at the desk. That can be you for the whole group (even though you will obviously be a registered guest in only one room). You’ll identify which guests are where upon check-in. For example, I often travel with my sister’s family, but I will book the 2 or 3 rooms. I will handle check-in for everyone and then pass out hotel keys.

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Great. Thanks.