Check Out The Autograph Books I Made

I’m so proud of these things and I think you fellow Disney geeks are the only ones who will truly appreciate it. We leave tomorrow for our week and I made Autograph coloring books for my two girls (ages 2 and 4). I included any pictures of each girl with their favorite characters if possible on the page of that character. I plan on giving these to the girls on the plane with markers tomorrow so they can color them during the 3hr flight!


Those are awesome!! Great job!

Those are so great! This Disney geek is ga-ga for them. Tell us how you did that. Please!

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So I like creating photo books using Blurb and their Book Smart design software. The customer service is great, the quality is the best there is (far superior to Shutterfly and the like) and they always run sales so I get them cheap.

What I do is create each page in Apple Pages (using an open font… check out the “KB” fonts from and google image search for coloring pages for each character. I position the images in Apple pages so that there is enough room for an autograph. Once the individual page is how I like it, I save it as a .jpg and then when I have all the individual page .jpgs done, I upload them one by one to blurbs software and then buy the book! Easy Peasy! :):):slight_smile:

I love it! Great job!!

Very Cool!