Check out my ADR plans?

Hey all!

We are going on our second trip to WDW!! My ADR day is coming up soon and I just wanted feedback and suggestions on my ADR plans and schedule. Traveling is myself, DH, DD7, and DS3. Should be awesome! :heart_eyes: (Also should be noted that we are staying offsite)

Saturday - Arrival Day - Dinner @TRex (no res required as we have Landry’s Card)
Sunday - MK - Dinner @BOG (Last year we did CRT)
Monday - EP - Lunch @Askerhaus
Tuesday - HS - Dinner @SciFi (Last Year we did 50’s PTC)
Wednesday - AK - Lunch @Tusker
Thursday - MK - Lunch @CP (Fav from last year)
Friday - EP - Lunch @GG

Look fun? Any suggestions for counter service to add to any of those days? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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Those all sound great! Definitely be online and logged in ready to go by 7am eastern time on your ADR day and try to book the BOG dinner first as it is one of the most very difficult to get, and you’re looking to dine there close to the beginning of your trip on day 180+1. I’d have a backup plan since it may not be available! And of course you can set up the res finder search for it if you can’t get it. :slight_smile:
After trying BOG I would try for the Akershus (we love Akershus better than CRT!!), CP (one of our personal faves too!) and GG times you want next as those are also popular.
As for HS, the reviews on Sci-Fi seem to be mixed. We had a res there a couple years ago and canceled it due to poor reviews (mainly the food but overrated experience as well). We opted for Hollywood & Vine character breakfast instead and loved it.
We are also trying TH for the first time this November! Have you done 'Ohana before?


We also have a Landry’s card but I called TRex directly to make reservation just in case.

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I would recommend this too.

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Thanks for the ideas! I think I am definitely going to try my best with BOG, but maybe get an alternative just in case! :slight_smile:

Sadly, I am offsite so I need to do one ADR at a time. Wish me luck!!

We have never done Ohana. Just too lazy since we are offsite and it would challenge me logistically!!

I hear you! :slight_smile:
Just a thought, if you can’t get BOG, maybe do O’hana on your MK night, as it’s just a monorail ride to the Poly from MK! If you’re interested, that is. Although 'Ohana gets booked quick too! Good luck!
When is your ADR day?

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I’m looking into it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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We loved SciFi, it is a lot of fun!

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I am also offsite and was unable to get any breakfast reservations for BOG as the 180 day mark at 7:00 am EST, but since then I have gotten one at BOG for a Saturday in December. Good Luck.

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