Check my EPCOT 2 DAY plans for 1 morning start and 1 afternoon start

Day 1 Epcot:
I plan to be there close to rope drop and go right to test track and wait…
then I have a FP for Soarin @ 1015 and Spaceship Earth at 1135. I put in what I wanted to do and my FP times and optimized…

Test Track
MS Green
Soarin FP
Journey Imagination
Imagination Station [is this cool for teens? We used to love the Innovations East but hear it’s a ghost town now]
Spaceship Earth FP – touringplans has me here around noon…

I was thinking of adding character meet and greet because it’s still available for around noon. does this make sense? Then we can eat lunch and decide if we want to stay and do other things, hop to another park or head back to resort or whatever…most tier 2 FPs are left.

Day 2 Afternoon
So I snagged FP for FEA for Friday. We will have already been to the other parks by this day. I figure we can go to a park we want to hit again in the morning WITHOUT fast passes …arrive here around 4pm?

Goal is FEA lands and meeting Elsa and Anna and Illuminations and grab food here and there…check lines app and ride soarin or tt or whatever if lines 30 min or less…[going at busy time though].

Thoughts? Thanks.

We are family with 3 teens. Have been 4 times but last time was 2011.
I love EPCOT kids not as much…but they like it… lol.

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I think it sounds like a good plan. I feel like 2 days at Epcot makes things so much easier, even if one is a 1/2 day. Doing one thing right at park opening without FP almost always works out. I don’t think it matters so much if you pick Soarin’ or Test Track for this. As long as you have a FP for the other one and a FP for Frozen on a 2nd day, you’re golden.

I don’t think teens would stay for very long at Imagination Station. It’s set up like a lot of the post-ride activity areas. They can be a time suck, which can be good or bad depending on what you want to accomplish that day. It’s nice to have a buffer in your plan to do the activities at the end of Figment, Test Track and Spaceship Earth, and for the aquarium exhibits after Nemo. You never know if your kids will be into those things. However, I often ask my kids to look around for just a few minutes and then decide if they think it will be worth coming back later in the day after the best ride time is over. They usually choose to move on to the next attraction instead of hanging around.

The only thing I’d suggest is maybe making time to do Living with the Land before or after Soarin’. The wait doesn’t tend to be very long in the mornings. It’s one of my all-time favorites. You also might want to do the Three Caballeros ride in Mexico when you’re over there for Frozen.


I didn’t realize I don’t have Germany or China…


I’d like to see the acrobats in China; the servers in France and the Mexico ride…hmmm…

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What about if I do Mexico or France after lunch Day 1…I could do Mexico - Norway - China Day 1…just looking at Norway or walking right by Day 1…

Or I can do France - Japan Day 1 after Lunch…

then Day 2 do the others ending at Norway for Meet and Greet and Ride before grabbing food to snack on while waiting for Illuminations…any good viewing around that area?

forgot should I add Character Meet around noon Day 1? or first thing Day 2 at like 4pm?

I like to spend time in World Showcase. If you want to add it to your Epcot days, you’ll need to think about the walking and the time you want to spend there. Exiting after Spaceship Earth on your first day and going back to your room for a rest is one possibility. Then you could return for dinner and walk around world showcase in the evening.

Another option is to stay over the lunch hours on your first day, and eat in World Showcase. You can walk past the countries and see the sights in a couple of hours, or spend the rest of the day there if you feel up for it. Maybe plan to just do 1/2 of the loop around the lake. The friendship boats on the far side of the lake at Morocco and Italy are a good way to get back after doing a 1/2 loop. If you stay on day one, I would more Spaceship Earth to later in the day and start with Canada after you finish at the Imagination pavilion. That’s very efficient. There are great QS places all along world showcase. You can take the Morocco or Italy boat back when you’re done, and time Spaceship Earth to do when you exit. Then I’d start at Mexico on your second day, with your Frozen FP at about an hour after you start, and a plan to finish up the countries you didn’t get to the first day.

I don’t have any advice about the character meet. They’re not my favorite thing to do. I did the Epcot Character Spot FP the last trip and it felt like a lot of waiting to me. It probably took 45 minutes with a FP. There were 3 characters (Mickey, Minnie & Goofy) and it just felt like a waste of time to me. But I’m completely not a character person! If your family likes meeting characters, then it’s a good way to do 3 at once.