Chear squad

So my husband is running the disney marathon for the first time this Jan. This will be our second trip. How does everyone feel about the Chear Squad package. Is it work it? It will be me, my mother in law and two children (age 7 and 5)
would love any advice!

I haven’t personally done it, but it doesn’t seem worth it to me. There are plenty of spots to spectate along the marathon course without it. MK can be really crowded, but its super early - waking up the kids aside, as a runner I would rather see my support crew later on in the race when I need the extra boost!

If you stay in an Epcot-area resort, you can also just roll out of your room and be at the course in minutes (but this could be pretty late in the day, depending on how fast your husband is).

Good site breaking down the pros and cons: