Cheap(er) accommodation

Alright - DH and I are considering a Spring Break trip (first week in April). I’m always team I’ll go by myself and do my thing, but he’s considering coming with.

If he comes with, he’d prefer to have a nice spot to stay with a pool, good wifi if he decides to work remotely for a day or two, and it needs to feel “nice.” I’m not worried about being on property because my priorities are not massively impacted by whether or not I have on property perks.

What are some of your favorite spots to stay that are nice but comfortably priced. Dream would be in the neighborhood of $200 a night - but with how expensive everything is, I’m not sure that what he has in mind is a realistic option at that price point.

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@ryan1 knows stuff :wink:

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I really like the Hilton at Bonnet Creek-

We have had pretty good luck with the pricing…via Priceline, AAA and Hilton app. Usually one of the 3 will have the price down to about $250 a night.

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I’ll second the Signia(Hilton) Bonnet Creek. Very nice and we found the customer service to be exceptional. Good food/drink service poolside, decent wifi, and some decent restaurants. You can also use the amenities at the Waldorf next door, as well.
Right now on the Hilton app for your dates, Signia is quoting at $297/night booked direct.

If you are sure of your trip dates, I would look for a house rental through VRBO. You can get plenty of bedrooms and private pool/hot tub easily with under $200/night. I often find something around $150/night or less.

This would be my plan as well.
Working in a hotel could very easily suck.
Working in a house, and hopefully being able sit poolside, quiet, changing rooms to try different sitting areas, making snacks, sprawling out on a couch, making snacks, being in a meeting poolside in the quiet, then making snacks, watching Sportscenter, making snacks, doing a few cannonballs in the pool, then being in a meeting in wet clothes by the pool, then making lunch, then shaving, then going for a quick dip, then making snacks, then watching some youtube, then making snacks…