Chchch-changes to my ADRs vs. Stick to the plan

I’ve had a plan in place for my trip to Epcot Food & Wine with friends for 3 months now, but having a double-digit countdown is messing with my head. I’m itching to change the plan all of a sudden. I think the new plan has merit, but am turning to Liners for reassurance before acting. What do you think?

(all adults - 6-8 women depending on last minute deciders)

Old Plan
*Arrival day - afternoon check in at POFQ - travel to AKL by bus or taxi for 8:00 dinner at Sanaa
*Epcot day 1 - lunch at F&W kiosks - 4:30 ADR at Via Napoli (more of an excuse to sit down than a big meal) - Illuminations dessert party from 8-9:30 - EMH afterwards
*Epcot day 2 - lunch/snacks at F&W kiosks - 7:15 ADR at Rose & Crown, stay for Illuminations again

New Plan
*Arrival day - afternoon check in at POFQ - boat to DTD and 7:30 dinner at Raglan Road
*Epcot day 1 - lunch at F&W kiosks - 4:30 ADR at Via Napoli (more of an excuse to sit down than a big meal) - Illuminations dessert party from 8-9:30 - EMH afterwards
*Epcot day 2 - lunch at F&W kiosks - leave Epcot late afternoon - bus to ALK for 5:40 dinner at Sanaa

My friends really want to eat at Sanaa, but I was worried about travel difficulties that first night. DTD by boat seems easier to explain to people who haven’t ever been to WDW. I was also worried that they’d hit killer fatigue with two really long days at Epcot. I hate to give up that prime R&C ADR, but if they took a bus from Epcot to AKL we can fit a long, chatty, grown-up dinner there into our itinerary.

I know that just eating F&W food would be enough for me, but my friends are not commando tour folks and I’m afraid I’ll exhaust them if we don’t have sit-down meals scheduled.



I’d be thrilled to do either one @SallyEpp_cot! Both plans are wonderful!

You know your friends - pretty much the only difference in experiences, other than the timing, is trading Rose & Crown for Raglan Road. Now they are all part of the lovely UK, but what experience do you think the majority of the guest would prefer? The construction at DTD isn’t going to keep us away in December, but it may not be shining like it usually does. I know some have gone at night and said they don’t really see the construction but it could be a factor.

I completely understand rethinking plans. What you have now sounds just perfect to me. AKL will be a beautiful first evening, RR would be an upbeat, completely different vibe.

I didn’t help at all, did I? Lol. Sorry! :wink: Bottom line: Both are great and they will think you are massively brilliant either way.

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I like the diversity that plan two offers. While I could spend a ton of time at epcot, I’m sure shopping at dtd would be fun for your group

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Thank you @LoveBug53 and @keithloveswaffles. I suggested the ideas for changes to my friends and so far 2 are in favor. I’ll keep you posted! Planning a trip for friends is hard!

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I’m NOT an expert but I do agree with @keithloveswaffles. With such a short trip I wouldn’t schedule Illuminations twice. I also think that you make a great point about the transportation on your 1st night being very convenient with the boat to DTD. But whatever you decide it will be great. Your friends are lucky to have you doing all of the planning!!! You’ve done a great job!


Personally I would do option 2. The ability to shop at DTD and more importantly for me, I would say only 1 late night at Epcot. This way you only have one time you need to deal with the crowds of leaving a park. And the boat ride to DTD is always a nice ride.

But push comes to shove both plans are good.

I’d enjoy either, but if I had to choose, I’d go with the “New” plan; R&C is good, but I think the food at RR is markedly better, and I love the entertainment there.