Charging stations

I’m using the apps, Disney’s and Touring Lines. But my phone dies. Am I missing any outlets or USBs in the parks like at the airports?

By the tinkle towers there is an area of tree stumps. Charging ports are there. I think there is also some port by dumbo. Of course you need your own corda and cannot leave your phone alone.

You could always get an external battery.

Liners are fuel rods still a thing in the parks??

I am sure I have heard in chat that they are.

Thanks! Where and what are the “tinkle towers?”

I believe that’s referring to Rapunzel’s bathroom. :grin:
Pictures of the charging stations are here:

I’m bringing a battery pack that can charge mine twice, you won’t have time to wait on a outlet to charge.

I’d highly recommend one of these:

Small enough to fit in a pocket but offers several charges. Well worth the $. You can be surfing all day and still have charge.

You don’t want to go to Disney and spend all of your time sitting by an electrical outlet. Get one of those batteries, as well as a USB hub so you can recharge your phone AND the battery overnight.

I bring a portable charger, but I think OP was already at the parks, so if they don’t have one already…

If already onsite, I’d probably buy one of the on-site DIS exchangeable batteries:

$30 - don’t think the charger is great, but the ability to exchange in parks when you deplete the battery is invaluable. The link above indicates where the exchange sites are throughout DIS property…


Thanks everyone for the info. Next time I’ll bring a charger. Good news, found outlets and USBs at the seats at the exit of Soarin’ , just like a real airport! Again, thanks for all the replies.