Charges for mail or packages at resorts

I just contacted Disney about charges for shipping stuff to the resort. I want to ship a stroller and I wanted to know how much the charge will be. (We’re going to be at YC). I was told that there is no charge for this at any of the resorts. I went further and asked if there was a charge to hold it if the packaged happened to arrive a day or 2 ahead of us. She said there was no charge.

Just FYI

If anyone has actually experienced a charge, I’d love to hear about it.


I’ve shipped things twice and never had anyone suggest a fee of any kind.

I have never heard of a charge for receiving or holding a package. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines for shipping to a resort - see for more info.

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If you’re doing that to save on luggage charges with the airlines - you should know that most (if not all) airlines do not charge for strollers and wheelchairs - in fact, in most instances the stroller can be a “carry on” that the crew will stow during the flight.

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I heard about the possible charges on here somewhere or maybe chat.

I have travelled with strollers and car seats in the past. My DH doesn’t want to travel with a stroller since DD is almost 5. I was surprised that he wanted to ship our stroller to Disney. I told him OK as long as he knows he might have to carry her through the airport. The plus side is that I’m usually the one taking care of the stroller now I won’t have to.

Pretty sure that I’m not shipping our stroller. I think I’ll just get a cheap one and ship through amazon prime. I was thinking that we could even leave it for someone else on our last day.

There have been charges at the “Conference” resorts, like CSR.

That’s why I called, because I keep reading on here that there are charges at “conference” resorts. I will be staying at YC. Disney said there are no charges for this at any resort. I specifically asked about YC. They said “no.”

Have you, yourself, experienced a charge?

I personally have not, because I haven’t shipped anything or stayed at a conference resort. But I do remember seeing posts on chat about people feeling like their items were being “held hostage” because they weren’t aware of there being a fee when they shipped stuff. I’m not sure if YC is considered a conference resort though, I don’t think it is, so there shouldn’t be a fee there.

YC is listed as a conference resort. The person I spoke with was adamant that there was no charge at any resort.

Ohh if it is listed as a conference resort, then there’s a good chance there will be a fee. I wouldn’t trust that CM’s information. I have definitely seen people get charged at CSR.

If you’re going to buy a cheap stroller and pay to ship it, and possibly pay for pickup, you might actually be better off renting a better quality stroller. You’d probably end up saving some money and don’t have to deal with the shipping department

So, the “conference” website for YC is different than the regular website for YC. For conferences there seems to even be a charge for everything including wifi (which is listed as complimentary on the regular website.)
The regular website states that guests can receive mail. No mention of a fee. Disney websites tend to be really clear when there is an additional fee. There must be a distinction for business guests.

I’d still love to hear from someone that actually had a fee. I’ve only heard from people who heard from someone… you get the idea.

I don’t think I mind the fee, for the convenience. I just wanted to know what it was, so I called. Since I was told there was no fee, I thought I would share the info.

A lot of CM’s have been proven to be wrong, and I’ve witnessed people who have actually been charged a fee on Chat. But you seem pretty confident in your opinion and interaction with the one single CM. So I’m just going to wish you luck and step away now.

I had multiple packages shipped to me from Runner’s Warehouse and Amazon Prime before WDW marathon weekend and didn’t get charged a penny. They even dropped them off at the room for me.

We checked into BLT yesterday. We had to pick up our Amazon Pantry delivery from CR and were charged $10 - I believe because it’s a conference/business center.